My love for nude

Dear reader I got to explain
My obsession for nude
How nude, more than an aspiration, became a goal
Why nude ?
Nude as a color goes great with everything, it balances out the whole style with you.
I think the word I want you to retain here is balance. I have so many posts on love, love stories that aren’t even mine, that sometimes it makes me appear to my own self as a creep, a love freak or even a desperate romantic (I honestly don’t know which option is worst).
It’s hard to completely trust someone but it’s way easier to get in a relationship with someone. Sometimes years have passed before you even discover what someone’s true colors are, that’s probably why there are so many conman. Somehow it’s impossible to find a decent guy/girl out there to your liking but it’s a common thing now to hear how some heartless person is hurting his/her significant other or rather, the one that thinks (s)he’s her/his significant other. Well, I’m no exception to that gossip rule. This guy I know about happen to have been dating an “amazing” woman for quite some time now, try like around 4 years. I won’t lie, even I think the girl is perfect, she’s beautiful, kind, hardworking, take care of herself, stylish, easygoing, loves to go out and such, a real gem in the troubling lot you keep bumping into nowadays. The only problem is, she seems to be unable to stop cheating on the guy and nobody really understands why. The guy could compete with Prince Charming. He’s not bad looking at all, he’s used to living alone so he has all the qualities of a housewife while still keeping his manliness, he’s not bad looking at all, he dresses up nicely, he’s also a hardworking man and head over heels for the lady. He does everything he can to please the girl without being clingy, annoying or oppressive. So no one, truly nobody, was surprised when we saw him getting on one knee, at the perfect planned setting, and asking his dream girl to marry him. What we were more surprised about was the harsh and brief no she said before exiting the party. Weirdly, the guy wasn’t too disappointed, you could see he was crushed but it was obvious that he was kind of expecting that specific answer.
For sure, the moment his friends took him away to console him, the atmosphere change abruptly to one of a productive reporters’ meeting. Gossips, talking, speculating and more or less the truth started shining through. This perfect goddess could love this man all that she wanted but she couldn’t be the one that he wanted. Apparently, a clash of perfection. What she need wasn’t him and who he needed wasn’t her. Soon after the relationship started she had already figured all that out but couldn’t bring herself to break up with him, maybe because he was the best candidate out there. So she did what seems to be now the common logic when you’re not experiencing difficulties in a relationship, she started screwing around. It wasn’t about the sexe, the guy or the relationship, it was more about who they were. While they were meant to be together like jigsaw puzzles, she simply didn’t believe they belonged together and I think deep down he knew that too, which is why he always forgave her. But the engagement ring was the last straw,  while he couldn’t bring himself not to ask her,  they also knew that it would have been a too grand mistake and parted way the best chirurgical way possible.
People around might accuse the girl all they want but it was also the guy’s decision to stick around until the very end. People around might looked down upon the guy all they want, but it was the girl’s choice to start anew and give this relationship a chance after every walk of shame. Those struggling four years to find the perfect balance to be the one for each other ended up poorly and really deserve the “complicated” attribution. It might have appeared like a waste of time and an unnecessary emotional rollercoaster ride but I think that now they’re closer to find the happiness that fit them. Who knows, maybe it will end up to be with each other after all.


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