Karma – Part 10

If you think life can be crazy then let me show you crazier. This morning I headed to the building I had an interview in. It went well, they asked me questions, I had to write an essay on how I could safely entertain a disable kid for a day, they even submitted me to live testing by having me to take care of a kid for like 2 to 3 hours. I had a kid suffering from ADHD. I have to say the kid was simply exhausting, so hyperactive and impulsive. And he loses attention the moment you lose eye contact, literally. I tried making him do a coloring book, by the time I went to get him other crayons, he had already started to run around the room. I don’t know how his parents do with him, he needs constant attention, I heard it’s because his meds act slowly because of some other medication he’s taking. By the end of the test, I could barely keep up with him. The woman in charge said I did well considering that was my first interaction with a kid suffering from ADHD. After the test, there was a little lunch where you get to meet the parents  of the kid you were assigned to, it was nice, I actually learned a lot. The parents looked a bit tired, they were still learning to adjust, which I can so much relate to. When I got off the building, it was almost 1:00pm, it reminded me of my old job, at this time, I’d be coming back from lunch in the cafeteria or from some nice family restaurant if I had enough money to spare. Instinctively my legs brought me at the entrance, I was standing on the other side of the road to be exact. I most have spent 10 – 15mn looking at the building, lots of people were going in, lunch break was over and suddenly it became calm, infrequent entries and exits. I turned my back and bumped into someone, it was my roommate, she was running late, she was flustered maybe coming back from a lunch date with Arnoldo. She excused herself with a smile, told me we’d see each other at home and rushed to the building. I realized I hadn’t seen her or talked to her since sunday morning. I wonder how things were going with him, the hospital wasn’t so far, I could easily make it there. Before I knew it, I was already in the hallway requesting to see head nurse Arnoldo. I’ve been told, he had just come back from lunch and was doing his rounds and checking on the nurses. It would take some time. I decided to go home, he lived across the street, I could visit him anytime anyway. I went home, washed his T-shirt, caught up on some TV series, surfed on the web. That’s where something caught my eye, an advertisement for a barbeque sauce. I thought why not make the beach bonfire into a barbeque, it got me inspired and I started to work on the flyer. 3 hours later, I had finished and sent it to my friend who definitely approved it, all that was now left was to find someone able to manage a grill and also able to cook delicious seafood. At the time, I remembered Arnoldo saying he came from a beach city, where he learned to cook seafood and fish. Now the grill, I was thinking of asking one of the boys to do it but I also remembered that my roommate had excellent grilling skills. I guess it was fate, I had to bully them a bit more. I thought of asking them tonight and started the waiting game.
My roommate came a bit late with Daisy, I asked her right away and she accepted joyfully, really happy to help but mostly to go to the beach. After that, I took the T-shirt and went to Arnoldo’s place, I always forget he doesn’t have a normal schedule but fortunately for me, he had come back to get some papers, he was heading out and on the phone when I gave him the T-shirt and asked him to cook for my bonfire party, maybe because he was in a hurry or still felt guilty, he agreed at the same moment. I called my friend and told her I found the cooks, she asked to sample which led to a seafood sunday grill. I was glad, I had something to really look forward after what I’ll have to face on friday.
My roommate was so happy about having to exhibit her grilling skills that she asked me to come buy with her some stuff she could need. When we got to the supermarket, she put me in charge of Daisy and started her quest. I was really amazed looking at her doing her thing, so that’s what a true daddy’s girl look like. When we got out of there, she was looking through her, making sure she had everything. At the same moment, I saw at the street corner one man grabbing another’s butt while kissing shamelessly. The grabber went his way to an apartment complex behind them while the other got into a cab, cab which drove just in front of us making it really easy for me to identify the man in question, my dear harassing ex supervisor.


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