Karma – Part 9

On Monday, I wake up, I yawn, I get up, I eat, I drink, I shower, I get dressed, I style my hair, I put make up on if I have to, I take my stuffs and leave. Normally I walk or take a cab to work and walk to college but now I’m out of work and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to go back to college in fall. Although I do have that summer job to look forward to, which is where I was heading this morning. There was a last interview today, the final elimination round and if I was accepted, I’d get to attend the week formation, after that I’d officially be hired.
The building the interview will be held in is in the middle of the city, which is where was work and at a 20mn bus ride from college. The apartment I live in is at 15mn by car from the city and more or less the double afoot. Today I’ll be walking there, which give me a lot of time to think of yesterday morning’s awkwardness.
Sunday morning, I opened the door, slightly dozing and was shocked to find my roommate standing in front of me and to make matters worse, Arnoldo was coming from the back, only wearing a boxer. For sure, they were both surprised to see me here but they couldn’t bring themselves to ask me directly why; Arnoldo, because he still felt guilty of drinking too much and as consequence probably had no memory of what happened after he passed out, and my roommate couldn’t ask because of, you know, the “discretion plan” so I don’t find out about their relationship. I thought of teasing them more but suddenly my phone buzzed. When I looked at it, it was the mail notification, I could clearly see the senders : the bank, the college counselor and the friend I bumped into the other day at the shop, sadly nothing from the supervisor. My rapid crash to reality had just wore me out. I excused myself from them and went to the room to get properly dressed (I was wearing one of Arnoldo’s t-shirt I found last night), after that, I quickly washed my face and entered the living room. The atmosphere was really tense, Arnoldo was sitting at the edge of the sofa and my roommate at the opposite armchair. I thanked Arnoldo for yesterday night’s folly then said I’d bring him his shirt back after I washed it (my last mischief on that subject), I also talked to my roommate, telling her we’d see each other at the apartment where I’d probably be catching some sleep. The look on her face was priceless and I gotta say, a bit satisfying. Maybe I have a bit of a sadistic part inside of me. When I got home, I found a hot pot of some calming herb tea on the kitchen table, I took a cup and went to my room. When I got there, I sat on my bed and started sipping tea (which was delicious by the way) and reading my pending mails. The first one was from the bank, it was a notification that an appointment had been scheduled with the advisor and that I should imperatively be there to meet him on friday afternoon at 2:00, the second one was from my college counselor advising me to come meet her on friday morning at 8:00 sharp, and the third one was from my college friend who wanted to meet for brunch today at 10:00 so we could plan the party. As I was about to email her an excuse, my phone started ringing, it was an unknown number but I answered anyway.
– Oh hey, I’m so sorry I’m not here yet. My ferry was late due to maintenance.
Oh it’s you… No, don’t worry abou-
– Ah, you weren’t there yet. I’m so glad! I’m embarking now, I have to hang up now, the wind is pretty strong today and you might not hear a word I say.
No no no no… Wait..
– See you at the Waffle Place. If I take too long, you can order, I don’t mind. Well going now, cya.
(Oh no no no no! )
Now I had no choice but to meet her at that brunch place, a bit close to college, really popular with the students. I took an express shower, put the first airy dress I found and my favorite uniform boots. I was so rushed that I almost forgot my light jean jacket. I was in such a hurry that I applied the oil to my hair and styled it with my fingers while I was walking to the way there. When I got in the city, my phone started ringing, I prayed she wasn’t waiting there already. It was just to notify me that she had just  got out of the ferry and was less than 10mn from the meeting point. I sighed of relief, I was almost there too and I was just sitting down myself at a table when she entered the shop. She was red, it was obvious she rushed here. She apologized many times and finally sat down. We ordered and she went directly to the subject. She told me she reached out to me because I was the most friendly girl there, I know most students there and practically everyone knows me. We ate and discussed the different options and decided to do a late afternoon bonfire party at the beach, the last weekend of July. It was a great idea and I must say I got really excited about our planning. I was responsible of the invitations and food and she’d take over the rest. The brunch was delicious and we spent the rest of our meal talking about ourselves. She invited me to a flower viewing garden tea party that one of her club was hosting and I kind of accepted right away because of this lightly cheerful mood. I could say it was simply magical, the garden was full of flowers just floating to the sky, the juice cocktails were so sweet and the pastries were absolutely exquisite (if I may say). It was a really great event, I totally forgot about my worries and my friend helped me so much with that, she was simply fun to be around. At the end of the event, I left her there because she had to help cleaning, we promised to meet up this week to check out the different suppliers. I was almost skipping on my way home. When I got there, it might have been 5 or 6PM. I didn’t really bother looking out for my roommate and went to my room. As I looked myself up in the standing mirror while I was undressing, I realized I had some flowers petals on me. It inspired me to take a fragrant bath milk. I filled the bath with water and poured at 2 cup mix of milk, honey and citrus essential oil (thank you really much dear roommate) then got into the tub. So relaxing, for 20mn, I even forgot where I was, fortunately I had programmed a timer. After that I showered and went to bed. I slept like a baby that night and couldn’t feel more refreshed when I woke up this morning.
Life can be enjoyable sometimes.


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