Retarded and delayed

I met that boy at an event.
He bumped into me, mumbled an apology and continued walking, more like wobbling. He often looked to the sky. I thought it was irritating. The event took place in the late evening so it was getting dark which explains why I never noticed the obvious facial characteristics. As I was walking in the garden with some of my friends, we saw him again, sitting by himself, drawing something repeatedly on the ground with a stick. I’m not lying, I got intrigued so I kept my eyes on him. The event was about arts (music, painting, drawings, poetry, etc.). The first part was about the drawn arts, the second part, the written and spoken arts and the end about music (sung and instrumental).
I never saw him participated nor did he really attend any of the shows. When the drums started resonating, he stopped drawing on the ground. Maybe, he thought no one was watching and started dancing. It was terrible, really. No coordination, no rhythm, not even following the instruments, he was moving on his own accord and suddenly it started looking fun and beautiful and when he stopped I found myself and other people clapping. It was truly something, you could feel his love for dancing. Seriously, it was it, there was obviously no techniques and the moves were awful but it was breathtaking anyway. By the end of the applause, he was surrounded but the crowd disappeared as quickly as it had formed and the boy was sending out lonely vibes. I went to talk to him anyway, with a sincere smile I complimented his passion for dancing but he wouldn’t look me in the eyes. I thought it was because he was shy or embarrassed about earlier and I kept doing small talk but he only had monosyllabic answers and would still avoid my gaze. I was getting vexed and frustrated, I started to think he was ignoring me. A middle-aged woman came and called his name, he smiled brightly and went to her. I was definitely frustrated. The woman was under a spot light so I could see them clearly. The features, his facial features. He was obviously retarded, or should I say he has Down Syndrome. He had probably been rejected a lot and last of it was this big crowd earlier. I was shocked but it explained a lot of things, the wobbling, the dancing, the lack of attention but overall the loneliness. The woman looked at my direction and asked me to come, she then questioned me about what happened earlier and I explained what I saw, apparently she heard rumors and just wanted to make sure his little brother was okay. She smiled to him and so did he, she thanked me and I smiled brightly and complimented the boy again. He looked really happy and they went their way.
I’m not lying I felt really good about myself, I mean really really good but I was happy I got the boy to smile too. It’s true that the little things can have a big impact on people. It’s true that I took my time, I mean we’ve crossing paths since I came to the event but better late than never and his smile proved me right too.


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