Acid also kills

You might have heard that acidic solutions between a pH of 4 and 5 is best for your hair because it’s near your hair’s pH. It has the best moisturizing effect and keep it strong. At the top list of the most recommended products that actually have a pH of 4.5 are lemon, Aloe Vera and Apple Cider Vinegar.
I’ve been using Aloe Vera since always. My family loves plants and with the tropical weather here, it grows pretty much easily and everywhere. So getting it on my hair wasn’t really a new achievement, I already knew how great it worked already, same for the lemon. Now apple cider vinegar, that’s something else. I used to give my relaxed hair a final rinse mixed with a bottle cap of white vinegar or lemon. And I could see the good results, it basically looks shinier and a bit soft. So in my quest of new long lasting moisturizing products and experimenting (mostly that), I bought a bottle.


Regular sized bottle, nothing too fancy.
First wash day, I put two bottle caps in a jug sized water container and rinse my hair with it. After that, I mixed it with my living conditioner and water and put it in my hair as part of my L.O.C. method routine. Worked like a charm, by the end of the second week my hair was soft, less dried and more shiny. There was only one problem, I was experiencing more hair loss than usual.
Next wash day, I didn’t use it in the rinse, but included it in my bottle mix with my Cantu leave in conditioner and water, I was careful to put less than two bottle caps and continued my routine as usual. I twisted my hair and kept it like that the whole week, the next week I did a twist out and it was amazing. My hair was definitely soft, less tangled, the color was popping, it was shinier and less hair loss. I began to understand that the apple cider vinegar could be as much as a help that it could be a nuisance.
Third wash day, used one bottle cap in the rinse, one bottle cap in the bottle mix and left my hair in an afro. When I say it was definitely a game changer. By the end of the week, my hair was a bit dry but way less than usual, way less tangled, way shinier, way softer. It was like a miracle. I also experienced less hair loss. I started to look at my hair loss and I noticed that it was really really soft, I understood that it had rotten.
It’s true there’s something as over moisturizing and I experienced it first hand. In the end, I’m still learning how to balance this great product with my moisturizing routine. And I got that one bottle cap works best for my hair. Apple cider vinegar is a miracle worker but it’s best to be used on dry and hot days, you really see the difference those days.  Since it retains moisture really well, it should really be avoided on humid days.


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