Bring end and create beginnings

My face was covered with this disgusting stuff. From the most obvious oily spot, I could see worms coming out. When I’d pulled them out, they’d come out with a transparent filament. It would also hurt like hell. It was cruel, really. I only hoped they wouldn’t eat their way out of my face. Truly disgusting. While looking at my vesicle and pus covered face in the mirror, I caught a glimpse of him. You could see he was feeling sad, guilty and even a bit terrified. I couldn’t touch him now or my case would get worse so I was really restraining myself from hugging him. My heart was really aching looking at him this way.
You don’t have to feel that sad, I’ll get better soon.
He turned his back on me.
If you don’t answer, I’ll touch you and this time it will really be your fault.
He shyly looked at me and mumbled okay.
It’s just an allergy. Because of our differen-..
– I’m harmful to you.
No, you’re not.
– Yes, I am. Did I make you blind too?
Haha, sarcastic already. Well, it’s the differences between the composition of our being.
– I know that already, you’re sensitive to my touch. It strongly affects you.
Yes, it does but you also don’t control yourself well either. Normally, you should not provoke necrosis on touch.
– I know, it’s because I was doing a bit of practice in the soil. That’s how I fertilize earth, by putrefying and bringing stuffs to a rotten state… at least for now.
That’s interesting. Well now, you’re still learning to better control yourself so you should be careful about your weaknesses. Propagation is a crime, when not ordered or planned.
– I get that. That’s maybe why I’m being forced to practice so much.
So you’re an earth type?
– Not really, but soil represents best my ability to bring things to end and create situations for new beginnings.
So you can’t start things?
– I can… I don’t know. Maybe that’s why they’re so strict with me. They want to know as much as I can do.
Yeah, I get why. So you should be a special type, right? A meant to be leader.
– Yeah, I’ve been told that.
Meheliel I must say, when I heard a new operator would come for training. I didn’t expect a kid like you. Nor did I expect such an ability. But the greatest surprise must be your personality, I thought you’d be some kind of a pompous brat, haha.
He laughed with me. We ate fruits and drank juices from his garden and spent the rest of the time, talking about his gardening prowess and his improvement. He was such a good kid. I may appear more mature than him but little does he know he’s way more experimented than I am. Maybe that’s because he’s so earnest and eager to control himself while I can barely stop myself from creating catastrophes sometimes. I should really learn from him, after all I’m not that much older. I can’t definitely lose to him.

Memories of my naive love


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