I’m under no pressure
Over relaxing
Lazying all over
Heavy past, dead present and no future

Everyday is the same
I woke up, I eat, I bath, I sleep
I chat, I laugh, I scream, I beef
I cry, I sulk, I smile, I text
I wash, I clean, I create, I think
I imagine, I love, I feel, I daydream

It seems a lot
But it all comes down to the same
It never changes
It’s a straight line
A dead end

I pray
I confide in God, the universe, myself
I forget about humanity
Its cruelty, its brutality

I put my faith in right and wrong
In justice and perfect retribution
In my aspirations, vision and goals
I believe

Everything is messed up though
I either forget everything around me
And live in peace
Or I take action, make a change
And probably end up killed

I can close my eyes
I know there’s no light
But when my eyelids separate
Some places still are dark

I’m tired, I’m over thinking
I’m overwhelmed, I’m over working
I’m depressed, I’m insensible
I’m no longer seeing, hearing and breathing,
I’m no longer living
I can’t do both
I can’t make both worlds work

But I still can’t decide where to go
Time is ticking
I’m still thinking
Perfectly in the middle
Taking a break
Though, empty solution


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