Karma – Part 8

There’s only word for me right now. Pitiful. That’s it.
Since I discovered things have been lovey-dovey between my roommate and Arnoldo, I suddenly started to detect their every attempt to keep their love relationship discreet. And as pathetic I may seem, I enjoy sometimes messing with them. How? You may have thought. Well, simple, they tried so hard not to be seen that they make it easy for me to screw their plans. There was this time when she had to “buy food” at a new restaurant “she heard so much about” because “she didn’t want to cook” that day. Normally, I would be like ok, be careful, don’t take too long”. But now, it was more like “let’s make this a family dinner ” and impose myself on their romantic dinner. When we arrived, he was already there, the poor guy, suited up, looking hot and gorgeous as always. He was so cute with his single rose while waiting at his table. She obviously couldn’t reach him to cancel, she was so embarrassed. I felt guilty and bad for a moment but I wouldn’t back down now. Eventually he notices her and his face literally lightens up but then he sees me and his sincere smile disappears. I smile, wave at him and go straight to him while dragging along my roommate and Daisy.
Oh, nurse Arnoldo. Are you alone?
– No… Actually, yes. My friend couldn’t make it.
Ah your friend? I see a rose, is it possible you’re seeing someone? Oh my God, such a great man as you,  she should be an exceptional woman also.
– Ah… Um… It’s not that… Um… Type of relationship.
Oh I’m sorry, I must have said too much. I didn’t mean to stick my nose in your business.
– No, it’s not that. My friend and I… We were kind of… Um… Meeting to celebrate… So that was kind of a gift. Errr, just to be nice.
His attempt to cover everything up was so cute, he was already averting our gaze and even blushing a bit. As for my roommate, she was silent and looking everywhere else except in front of her. Fortunately for them, the host came to show us our table, that’s when I hit even harder, almost forcing him to come eat with us. I spent the entire dinner keeping them from each other or making them uncomfortable. It was so fun. But Daisy started sleeping and her mother jumped at the chance to get out of this. She was about to excuse ourselves to Arnoldo when I said I’d stay with him instead of going back. She was obviously surprised but she couldn’t say a thing. She muttered a cold goodbye and almost stormed out of the restaurant. After that, abusing of Arnoldo’s kindness, I forced him to accompany me to a bar. Since I still couldn’t technically drink, I made him drink instead while shamelessly having an ambiguous conversation with him. He was so embarrassed, but just as I was about to push his last button, my manager showed up. He greeted us and asked if he could join. Arnoldo couldn’t dream of a better saving situation. Now it was awkward for me but I didn’t let it entirely ruin my fun. I still teased Arnoldo and sometimes my manager would help me. It was kind of fun, more of a relaxed atmosphere. To cover up his embarrassment and to dodge the questions, Arnoldo drank a lot and found himself drunk pretty soon so we had to drive him back. When the manager parked in front of his building, we both helped him climb the stairs and  enter his apartment, we even put him to bed. As we were heading outside his room, my manager asked me if I thought about his proposition and what was my answer. I was sweating and tongue-tied. He started approaching me and before I could even understand what was going on, he dragged me to the guest room and closed the door. I was panicking, not scared though, even a bit impressed he localized another room so soon quickly. He started touching me, my waist, my back and (oh surprise) my booty. It was pretty enticing, manager seemed skilled,  his touch and caresses heated up my body and I almost gave everything up to him. Just then, Arnoldo hit a bunch of stuffs and groaned, we both laughed. He realized I wouldn’t let myself be swept away again tonight and stated he had to go. He asked if I’d like him to accompany me to my building but I declined and imposed myself on Arnoldo again. His reaction tomorrow is going to be hilarious I thought as I slowly fell asleep.
Ding ding ding ding ding ding…
What is that annoying noise!? Half asleep, I let myself be guided by the source of the nuisance and instinctively opened the door. At the entrance my shocked roommate and suddenly showing up behind me only wearing a boxer, Arnoldo.


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