2:00 Am phone meet up

Why are you up?
Because I never bothered to close my eyes.

Weird, why is that?
Who knows..

Something on your mind?
Not particularly.

Man, I wish I could leisurely not bother to sleep. That’s so much luxury.
You sure are poor.

You rubbing
Ha, someone got to take profit.

I don’t even know why I still talk you. Evil witch.
You meant Miss sexy evil witch

As if!
You don’t say it, I’ll cook a spell on you

Do your best bitch, where I come from I wash up you people every day.
So you spent your childhood days washing women, creepy.

I’m not talking to you anymore
I love you too very much

Man, this is why, parents should check their child’s phone
Don’t even talk about it. My kids’ phones, all bugged.

Did you hear of privacy?
Did they hear of “my house, my rules? “

Haha, I wish you were that docile when your parents used to tell you that.
Exactly why I’ll be doing this. Tradition.

Haha, I should prolly hit the sack, I’m fucking tired. This report might turned out being a bunch of zs.
How cartoonesque of you.

What the hell!? Lmao. The clock hits 2 and you start coming up with words.
Shut up. Now I’d rather sleep than talk to you.

So cold, how mean.
Looll, TTYL hun. And go to sleep, you still have school tomorrow.

Yeah, right. Peace love.


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