Yesterday, it came to me
A dog who was drooling like crazy
He seemed lost and looked at me with teary eyes
He looked a bit confused but was obviously sure of coming to me for help
I let him in my house and gave him some water to drink
The big dog drank it in no time and started playing with the bowl, he was so cute doing so I was almost tempted to keep him.
I took his picture and we went outside, bizarrely he was obedient and wouldn’t leave my side.
I was so proud like I was the one who taught him. I pat his head and we started walking around the block. As we were doing so, he started to scratch. He wouldn’t stop like he was really uncomfortable, like something was covering his skin.
I thought of restraining him and was considering how to do so when I heard a whistle.
The dog looked at me with teary eyes again like he had to go back but didn’t want to. “You don’t have to have to go back if you’re not happy about it“, I said and smiled to him.
He barked happily. The whistle sound again. The dog bowed his head but he sat like he was protesting.
With the third whistle sound came a boy. He stood from way afar and called the dog with a hand gesture.
This time, he licked my hand and went to the boy who had now turned his back on me.
I could only see the floaty dark hair. It reminded me of something, someone.
I was sad about being separated from the dark so I took a long walk around the block, the park, the mall. When I came back home I was exhausted and barely managed to take a shower.
I went to bed and slept immediately. I dreamt of the dog, sleeping on me. I was sitting on a couch or a sofa and right beside me sulking because of the scenery was the boy. The same one whistling today, the same hiding beside the trees, Meheliel.

Memories of my naive love


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