What should I say? What should I do?

When someone you know comes crying at your door, you can’t help but opening it and trying to comfort that person. It’s the human thing to do (even Sheldon Cooper got that right).
When someone starts yelling beside you, draining out his rage, angst and frustration, you either get out of the way, asking for help or get that person to calm down.
When someone shows no expression, smiles when he has to, laughs when everybody does, although all he wants is cry inside and you do know all of that, how should you react?
Should I force this person to face and feel his emotions? Should I sit peacefully by his side, not only waiting for his cry for help but also proving to him that I’m there for him even though he doesn’t have to say a word? Should I confront him about it, offering upfront my help and support? Or should I stay on my side, smiling back and waiting for him to come to me?
But what if I did all of these and he never reaches out to me, what do I do? Should I ignore everything and live on? Should I let him by himself?
Some cases are tougher than others. How many times did we asked to be alone and ended up wanting someone to comfort us in the end? How many people have given up on us because we weren’t sociable enough when they wanted us to be? How much more can someone endure to bottle up his emotions in fear that they’d be rejected or not understood?
Sometimes really, you just want to be alone, to be ignored for a little while; and the other make use of his dejection to just close his door and change his lock. Indifference is to be feared.
Relationships can be selfish, uh.


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