Karma (in between)

What am I doing reminiscing about my old self!? It’s probably because of this rain. I haven’t been caught in a pouring rain for a long time now. I guess it’s ought to bring back memories.
I got off the shower and headed to the sink. It was a cool rain and I took a cold shower. I don’t want to warm up. While I was brushing my teeth, I realized I’ve been staring at myself in the mirror without really seeing myself. I look refreshed, still a bit tired though. I look cleaned. If only I could be the same in the inside. I gathered my clothes from the ground and went to my room. I’ve avoided my roommate for now but I’m pretty sure she’ll come at it again pretty soon. Life sure is cruel. I’ve been giving a roommate again. Although the roles are now reversed, she’s just like me 15 years ago and I’m just like her, trying to help a youngster in need. Will she betray me too like I did 10 years ago? It would only be payback, I guess.
Mom, dad… What do you think of me now?
I should just go to bed. That’s right, I’ll just do that.


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