Don’t mind it

If love is something that truly exists, if love is a valid verified and certified phenomenon… If when two people meet up, the sweet electrical charge being released around them ain’t due to the shock of their two body charges… If when you see a picture of two lovers, you can recognize the nature of their relationship, not because of the way they look but because even you, the outsider in real life, can feel that warmth that only surrounds two “accomplices”… If all of this isn’t our evolved and advanced way of coping through solitary life, our moral and hypocritical white lie to justify the envasion of one person’s entire being…
Then losing someone we truly love causing us to go through turmoil and a rollercoaster of pain, suffering and deep depression is totally logical. Then the feeling of our hearts being compressed and about to burst is nothing imaginary. Then the realisation of the true definite disappearance of that person is effectively a reason enough to think that life like this is a burden.
Do not think, do not feel, do not mind anything else, what is happening right beside you is nothingness because something as unique as what happened before that might never come to life again. Because this feeling needs too much ingredients and preparations to just keep butting in and if it went away, the following emptiness will shock and eat you up until there’s nothing else to rot and destroy.
So I guess if you really come across this, you should be afraid and therefore get prepared by the lifetime tragedy it might lead to your life.

Inspired by Lovers Doll.


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