Full or filled and fulfilled

One of my acquaintances is a shy gay, another one is an aggressive lesbian. Because of them I’ve been like dragged to the gay world. Since people who know about this might read this someday (specially them), I’ll give them fake names.
Your late teens and early twenties is about opening yourself to the world, molding a business version of yourself so you can be marketable, whether you’re going to school, working already or taking a break. You’re just doing your best to figure out what you want and how you can achieve it. You’re trying to imagine and start building the foundation of your future. Past twenties the world is way serious about yourself and it’s like your every move is being scanned, the most obvious mistake is synonym with failure, shame and disgrace.
Taku is a late twenty boy, getting through college life again peacefully after he had stopped for a while. Mama is a really outgoing, extravagant, can come as forceful woman in her mid twenties, playing around in college while trying to graduate (which is really not her priority right now). Taku just got on his feet, he’s been thrown out of his house and disinherited because he was forced to come out to his parents when they heard about his boyfriend. The boyfriend is like a local celebrity because he’s good at what he does but mostly because he’s an open gay so when his parents caught wind of him hanging out with their son, they just had to straighten things up. Unfortunately Taku was really serious so they took the extreme road (between beating him up, cutting money and locking him in, etc.), they took years of his life trying to get him back to the right path as they said. But Taku didn’t budge, he was serious about his actual boyfriend, he was standing up against everyone;  which is pretty much accurate because the thing spread like tabloid gossip. The rumors forced the parents to give up and threw him out, they became real story when he moved in with his well-known boyfriend. He worked hard as his assistant or little jobs he could find as a gay disinherited from a well-known family. There were only odd jobs though but he got through and paid his college tuition, he did become an experienced chef due to circumstances but now he’s studying what he chose from the beginning and is capable to smile through life again. Mama became a lesbian to upset her rich parents who weren’t paying attention to her. They just gave her an apartment way out of their sight and kept her account moderately filled with the condition that she graduates. Mama just exaggerated her lifestyle, partying hard, going after straight locally famous girls, doing soft drugs but her parents just casted her aside, focusing on the other children, almost cutting ties with her. Within one semester, Mama was a well-known lesbian who had gone too wild. There were nothing more to prove, no one else she hadn’t told her story to, nobody who cared about her anymore because she started attacking straight girls at college.
One of my friends got attacked by Mama, her breasts were groped, she got off just in time, thanks to Taku. And that’s how they met. They never talked to each other before and after either. He asked my friend if she was ok and nicely told Mama to back off. After that, they inquired about each other’s story at a party. I was there when someone told him that she was a wild well-known lesbian and I was sipping cocktails at the bar where her girlfriend told Mama Taku‘s story was. They both said oh and brushed off. But later on, Mama still had a regular girlfriend and Taku started being assertive. Mama now has friends in and out of the gay world, Taku warmed up to other people than gays.
The link to that text is I got to be close to both of them together for a semester. It was fun. They were just normal students again, with nothing to prove and no other care than achieving their studies. Something that we could all relate to in that class. With them being more at ease with their surroundings, people started asking questions, wanting to verify the rumours and they totally opened up about their sexual orientation. The after class became an initiation class about the gay world, how is it to be gay 101. It was a life full of worries, filled with hardships and now they were finally fulfilled and in a right place with themselves. The conclusion to this would be that I was glad I got to be near these people, it’s like I experienced a whole complete chapter of life thanks to these two. I might never forget about them. They thought me that -it might sound pretentious- the tolerance I adopted was the good way to go.


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