The old flowery path

I’m walking down a flowery street in the west coast. It’s simply breathtaking. The old brick path surrounded by those blooming trees just orders you to follow it and I’m gladly doing so. It’s a festival of colors, the yellow sun going through the green leaves and the vivid colorful flowers, the brownish grey path covered with dead dark leaves, branches and flowers. I don’t even watch where I’m I’m going anymore, my eyes follows the colors in awe. I look and I wonder why I’m so attracted to those. At some point I stop. Right there, it’s not really visible but you can see that the order is disrupted, a tree is missing. Not much missing, when you look really carefully, you can see it had been cut. Something is written on top of it : “Meheliel for you”.
This is suddenly familiar, it’s bringing back memories. But how?? I’ve never been here before, I came here to visit a friend who moved away several years ago. This is my first time here. My head is spinning, I can feel that it’s trying to bring up something. In the end, I fainted but I’m pretty much sure, I fell in the arms of someone, I can sense the warm and gentle embrace even through unconsciousness. After that feeling came a weird dream :
I was walking down that path again but it was afternoon and the path was filled with leaves, they were falling, giving in to the strong wind and their due expiration. I was searching the trees, looking for someone but each time I did the path I couldn’t find a thing. Nevertheless I knew that person was there, I could sense him, I just knew he was there. I went through the path again, eyes closed. Somewhere I felt an indescribable pain, it wasn’t mine. I stopped and there he was, hiding behind the trees, the tip of his black hair showing. “Meheliel”, I said, “if you want to hide from everyone else, that’s fine with me but do not hide from me. Whenever you don’t feel like it, you can come hide in the middle of those colors budding and dying but I will also come find you. I will always come for you.” That being said, with a swing from my right hand, I cut the tree (I don’t know if I it’s from sheer force or a hidden weapon) and engraved something with my index finger (again, don’t know if it’s really my finger or some kind of really sharp tool covering my nail).Wait for me here”, I said, “I did this so I will always remember and evidently I will be drawn to it so it’s more than a promise now, it’s a fact that if you’re here I’ll always come for you.” I remember seeing the black middle length hair moved in the way of a nod and the boy disappeared. Right after, the leaves stopped falling and the wind gradually decreased until it became a soft breeze. I remembered feeling relieved as I smelled a sweet spicy scent flavor. I followed the scent and on top of the carving was burning a vanilla pod. He was really agreeing with me.
I woke up. I was in the guest bedroom at my friend’s apartment. But how could that be? Wasn’t I at some sort of park with trees and flowers or something? My friend knocked and came in, asking how I was feeling. Apparently we went drinking last night and I overdid it. Hence explain the lingering head pain and the feeling of dizziness like a hangover. It seems that I’ve been sleeping all morning so logically I couldn’t have gone anywhere. But why do I feel like it was so real?!?
In the afternoon, my friend and I went for a walk and I tried finding my way to that path but all I found at this exact location was an asphalt car road, no trees, no flowers, no brick path. I asked my friend if this road had always been like this, she replied she’d never been here before. This is so stupid, I’m getting back to my old habits again.

Memories of my naive love


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