Power Find

January 26th,
I’m starting my daily journal for my communication seminar. It has to last at least 2 weeks and it’s supposed to help us being better at expressing ourselves. It’s apparently a good writing exercise and a great way to know oneself. The speaker said he’d check it out in two weeks. He’s actually working at a famous media corporation. He is also a famous speaker, a   promising new teacher and a not too bad author. Every 5 years, he releases this book which is a compilation of all the journals. I wonder if one of my stories will get picked.
So, I think that’s it for today. Maybe I should write about one thing that did happen to me today. Ah,  I know!
I don’t have these stupid dreams anymore. And I’m definitely not being watched or anything, it was definitely paranoia due to lack of sleep when I was focusing on my thesis. I don’t even remember that name that used to impacted my whole being. I guess I’m finally normal again. Maybe it was stressed, fatigue and other related stuffs. I do feel better now. But now I’m being sharp, energetic, motivated and even a bit psychic lol. I’ve helped a few friends find their things, and I’m surprisingly really good at it. It happened so often that I even have a nickname now “The Finder“. Whenever I’m searching for something, it’s like I’m drawn to that thing until I get my hands on it. I should maybe open a business and make a business out of this lol.
Until next time. (The speaker said one entry per day is enough)

The memories of my naive love


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