Golden Gate Bridge

*Dring Dring*
Hello sir, how are you doing?
How did you know I was here?
It’s kind of our job to know these things.
-You won’t make me change my mind!
I -I know sir, I’m just here to talk.
-Talk about what? I’m not here to jump.
That’s wonderful sir, then please get out of the border.
– I-I just want to see…
See what sir?
-Nothing, I just want to see…
May I ask your name sir?
-No, I don’t want to tell you.
-How did you know I was here?
We have volunteers-
-Someone saw me?
I just want to see you know.
It’s not as high as people say.
I won’t do it.
I don’t want to die that early.
It’s just… sightseeing
How did you know my name??
The volunteer who saw you described himself as a colleague of your dad
-So my family will know about this?
It’s not-
-I‘m sorry, I really love them, I didn’t intend to do this.
I guess I can never repay them.
I’m so sorry, I really intended to help them
There’s no harm in what you’re doing Damon, it’s just sightseeing, isn’t it?
-It is, it was.
I do love them all, even my runaway of a father.
I’m so sorry I turned out useless
I’m no good after all
Damon, listen to me, there’s nothing wrong with who you are. Please don’t jump, you’ll cause them more pain than anything else.
-I know, I know. I’m so sorry.
Please let them hear this. Don’t deny a man his last wish.
Damon, it doesn’t have to be. I do not know what’s going on but I do know that your family will truly miss. Your mom will cry your disappearance day and night. Can you take responsibility for that?
[5 more minutes of incredible coaching]
Do you understand Damon? I’m sure you can relate to that.
I’m sorry sir, we tried to catch him but he just jumped 3mn ago


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