Karma – Part 6

The day went by slowly, maybe because I spent most of it lazying. I hadn’t had such leisurely time since the summer before my first year in highschool, I’ve always had things to do or to think about. The next morning, my roommate came home happy, her daughter would be discharged today, by the time she comes back from work. We went there together, after making a quick stop to buy a tasty desert as a thank you gift for our supervisor. My roommate was rooting for a card but I thought it would be too impersonal, we finally decided to take both. He seemed really happy about it and shared it with the staff at lunch. Things were going smoothly, I was finally taking my time to breathe, to relax. After work, we went to pick up little Daisy, she looked as always, cute, chubby, cheerful and a bit pink. She still had some rashes but the doctor said it would disappear with time. As we were about to leave, we bumped into Arnaldo who was entering the building. I introduced him to my roommate. She was really warm to him and insisted on seeing him for brunch this sunday. He nodded and awkwardly promised to do his best. I spent the whole time looking at him, the sparkling gorgeous head nurse. With the baby back, everything felt normal again, like nothing ever happened. We were back to the previously ventilated apartment. I dare to say, we were happy.
We were now saturday, I had a really busy week and couldn’t feel more tired. I was tensed up and had cramps everywhere. As it wasn’t already enough, we had been announced yesterday that a really interesting position was to be available soon. It would be right up my field, with the experience I’ve acquired so far, I could be hired. They said that those interested should send their résumé to the HR. Both my roommate and I were truly interested, this could really help me reduce the debt and my roommate was starting to save for Daisy’s future. She had to take Daisy to the hospital for shots and entrusted me to deliver her résumé. I went to the company and handed over both our papers to the assistant of the director at the human resources department. On my way out, I saw my boss. I was about to greet him when someone came to talk to him, it was obviously someone higher up, probably his boss. He gave him an envelope which seems to contain all the details about the new job and said that such an interesting position would cover up way more than what was said before, he also added that my job and my roommate’s would then become useless. As a matter of fact, they would be terminated. I was surprised, so much that involuntary let my shocked voice out. I ran the other way. Once home, I started to panic, if it had to come to a showdown between my roommate and I, I’d probably lose. What to do? That’s when I received a call of my supervisor telling me to come to work early tomorrow morning. He probably knew it was me and was about to scold me or even fire me. I didn’t let my roommate know about it. In fact, I went to bed early but I couldn’t really sleep, so I spent the night thinking how I could persuade the boss to keep me. Tomorrow morning I was tired and anxious, drenched in cold sweats. My manager had a really stern face. He asked me if I heard everything and I replied yes. He then asked me if I wanted to keep my job, I replied the same thing. He said the his boss asked to get rid of the noisy employee I was. I started apologizing, begging for a second chance, saying I would do anything. He smiled and came really close. “Anything”, he said while touching my ass. I jumped back, “That’s sexual harassment!” I quickly yelled.
No one is here to back up your story. He said, smiling.
I won’t do it!  I courageously claimed.
Well then, I’ll do as I was told and fire you.
I couldn’t think straight, I didn’t know what to do. It’s true that nobody was here, as a matter of fact, our section doesn’t work on sundays and as a consequence the entire floor was empty. More importantly, I was already ordered to be fired. I had everything to lose. I couldn’t think of any good lawyer hack or anything, I felt like my brain was scrambled.
Can I…  Can I think about it?
– No, I need an immediate answer.
-You can’t do this to me!  You’ll get in trouble if you keep me. You’re just taking advantage of my weakness.
-That’s true but I could definitely give you that new position.
-It’s impossible. There are too many qualified candidates, I have no real chance of winning, it will definitely look fishy if I land it.
-I’ll let you in a little secret if you let me rub your ass.
I kept silent. He was slowly approaching and I wasn’t doing anything to avoid his intention. He suddenly embraced me and touched my ass, grabbed it. He, then whispered to my ear that the job was now intended to be an upgraded version of what both my roommate and I were doing. Therefore we would be the targeted candidates. He explained it all while slowly playing with my ass. I started crying and shoved him away. I couldn’t take it anymore and ran away. I locked myself into my room and cried all day. I forgot all about the brunch, my worries, my happiness these past few days, my hopes. All went to dust. The next day, I went to work, head up high. Nothing happened, as a matter of fact it was announced that my manager had been promoted. He would no longer work with us. I instantly sighed, relieved. It was also announced that the job had been attributed to my roommate and that our positions were no longer needed. I had been publicly fired. Right after that, I was called in the HR. The director explained that I couldn’t be separated from the company because of my college debt they had took responsibility for. But at the same time, my position was no longer needed. They said they would think of something and would contact me soon enough. Otherwise, we would have to discuss reimbursement.
I was now unemployed and drowning in debt. I felt sad, angry and ashamed. I’ve let a man abuse me for a job that I thought I would never have gotten. In the end, I had been laid off and there was no more future ahead. What could I possibly do to make this situation less worst? I walked and walked, thinking. Without even noticing, I had arrived home. I looked at the building and climbed the stairs but stumbled. I finally made it to the apartment. I went straight to my room and fell into bed. I couldn’t even cried. My phone buzzed. Somehow, I grabbed it in my full bag, it was a mail :
Miss, I’m sorry you got laid off. I tried to help you. I’m not sure if there’s more I can freely do. I do hope the company can find an arrangement that will benefit you. It was a pleasure working with you.
Below the text was his contact information including his phone and his private mail. Well it seemed like he wanted me to contact him personally.


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