Breakup News

Give me advice :
My ex texted me, it’s weird, should I text back?
Help me :
I want to text my ex, we used to be best friends before we got together, but I’m not sure if I should.
What do you think :
We parted ways the ugly way and now that person is texting me, ugh!
Hear me out :
Why would that person text me?  We’re over already!

This has been the recurring topic discussed by a group of classmates at college.
Should we keep in touch with the ones we broke up with?
I personally have good relations with my exes, we act normally toward the other. And overhearing this, I almost laugh, I mean besides those I had bad blood with, there’s nothing to make a fuss about.
That’s what I thought until that friend who cut me off months ago started texting me out of the blue. I was shocked, I didn’t know what to do : should I reply? And even so, should I do it immediately?  What should I say? How should I respond?  What does she even want from me? She threw me out like yesterday’s garbage without a single explanation. And she did it the rude and mean way, seriously I was badly hurt. It took me time to forget about our moments together. She avoided me every way, so what’s the meaning of making contact now?  Starting conversation again like I was some capricious kid you had to teach a lesson. I finally responded, coldly, briefly. And we had a polite conversation. I was a bit happy, and full of myself (yeah, she came crawling back 😈) but when you had to cut ties with someone you were really close with, it’s almost impossible to be normal again. I was self-conscious. Maybe she missed me too, maybe she’s messing with me, maybe she just wants something. We were together most of the time, of course her absence would had an impact, but I grew past that, I cannot go through that again, truthfully I don’t want to.
So yeah I understand the dilemma now.
Should I gradually let her in again and try to repair our relationship or should I definitely bury that relationship and really try to move on from it, there relies my uncertainties.
Humans are not always predictable so the best thing would be to act cordial and let it go, carefree conversation when I have to. But it stirs up something inside every time.
Is it that I’m not strong enough? That I’m too emotional? That I’m overly attached to her? That I’m making up excuses to be somehow close to her again? Maybe finally I didn’t really learned my lesson.


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