For You

You reading this, this is for you.
You and you only has that uniqueness of yours
They can copy you, they can avoid you but they still won’t be the real thing
They can make human sized cardboards, lifelike posters, idolize you, hate you, pin you all over but they still can’t reach the original recipe you are
What makes you special, what makes me able to differentiate you from the seven other billions, what makes you recognizable in that world crowded place,
I can’t put my finger on it but when you’re facing me, I do know it’s you.
So he likes you, she hates you, he’s jealous, she’s bitter, he ignores you, she can’t even see you?
So what they say you’re pathetic, intelligent, worthy, ignorant, stupid, charismatic, lovely, ugly, disrespectful, loaded, poor, well-mannered, retarded?
So what?


                          You Are You

So they say they want to hug you, promote you, make love to you, stab you, torture you, manage you, take care of you, drain you, mess with you, bother you, encourage you?
Whether it’s that one strand of hair, that weird mole, your name, your injury, your disability, your qualities, your capacities, your flaws, your DNA, your behavior, there’s always that one thing that you won’t ever found anywhere else.
So yes your atoms are the general one, your constitution is average, your biology is the same as every human on earth, even if I’m the only one who sees that one microscopic difference, even if I only has the eyes to see you for what and who you really are, even if no one else acknowledges you’re one of the kind, even if the others don’t even notice you in that super packed world, I do.
My dear, when I say that I do know you’re you and no one else, isn’t one person enough?
One person is more than enough.

I do know you exist, your wholeness with everything that you represent and stand for might be a blur to me.
My dear friend the you living now, whether keeping on breathing or ending it, is the only version of you that will ever set foot on Earth again.
Your coding will never be reproduced again.


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