Karma – Part 5

When I came to my senses, I was laying down somewhere and had something on my mouth. I felt a bit dizzy and the world was still blurry. I blinked multiple times and that’s when I heard someone. They were asking something but I was still a bit confused. After a few times, I tried to say something and clearly heard the woman say : “Don’t worry ma’am, we’re taking you to the hospital right now.” Hospital? What had happened? I remembered being in the kitchen and… Oh yeah, the man! I startled. “It’s okay ma’am, relax, we’re almost there” , I heard as I felt a  forcing hand on my shoulder. Now, with my eyes wide open, I could see I was in an ambulance and under oxygen. Between the two paramedics and I, there were only three people in the confined space. “My…  My roommate…”, I tried to ask.
– “Don’t you worry ma’am, your roommates are fine. They are being taken to the hospital too. ”
I was relieved to hear that but I suddenly remembered :”The… The man… ”
-“What man??  Ma’am please don’t move around too much.”
-“Oh she might be talking of the guy we found them with. He’s at the police station right now. “
-“We’re there.”
I closed my eyes, relieved. He was probably in jail right now. For good. When I opened them again, I was in a hospital room and a nurse was checking on me. The room was surrounded by curtains.
-“Ah, you’re awake. I’ll get the doctor immediately.”
After the doctor did the check up and looked at my results, he explained to me that I had inhaled a really dangerous amount of gas and with my anemia I collapsed pretty fast. He said that it led to a minor lung infection that would be easy to cure. I asked about my friend and her daughter. She told me that my roommate wasn’t affected as much as I and the baby were. She was already up and kicking and was sleeping at her daughter’s bed who was still under oxygen. She took too much gas but she’d eventually be okay. He also said it could have been worse and that I really should thank the gentleman who called 911. As he was about to go on, someone called for him behind the curtain. He smiled and said it was okay to let him in and he took his leave. A few seconds later, someone entered the room. It was a young man. Not too young though, maybe in his late twenties, early thirties. He appeared to be latino but I wasn’t too sure. And then I realized, he was the one we were mistaken for my roommate’s ex fiancé, well almost fiancé. He introduced himself as a head nurse in this hospital and explained that as he was on his way out of a friend’s apartment, he smelled something strange and followed it, he then found us laying on the ground, door was wide open. I gratefully thank him and took the liberty to do as well for my roommate. He blushed and said it was nothing. I couldn’t help but think it was pretty cute. We did a bit of chit chat and I learned his name : Arnaldo, his age : actually 29, 30 in two months, his origins : Portuguese and he lived right across the street. I really enjoyed our little conversation. He said there weren’t any real medical issues with me except my anemia and that I’ll probably be discharged first thing tomorrow morning. I asked if he’d be working by then and he said yes and promised he’ll be the first one to greet me. Head nurse Arnaldo was glowing before my eyes and before I knew it, I was already dreading his departure. I didn’t sleep well, mostly because I was excited to see Arnaldo and secondly because I wanted to be awake when he’d come by. When I opened my eyes, he was there checking on me. He smiled at me and said good morning, I did the same. He said the doctor would come shortly. I asked about my friend and he said with what seem to be a bit of embarrassment that he hadn’t introduced himself to her yet. I didn’t take it too seriously, I was really happy that he actually came this early to see me. The doctor came right after, greeted him and asked how I was feeling. He then summed up my health issues, healthcare, gave suggestions for my stubborn anemia, gave me a few prescriptions and told me I could go home. I asked about my friend and he said she was fine and healthy and her baby had been taken off of mechanical ventilation. She also had been discharged. The doctor left and he was about to also. He was saying all those kind things about taking care of myself, check the gas at night and more but I was getting sad it was goodbye so I invited him to dinner, as thanks I said. I was panicking about the fact he would see it as a date and wouldn’t come so I stuttered that my roommate would come also. I was a bit embarrassed and afraid he’d see my flushed face but he was facing away and I could see he was a bit shy. He quietly agreed and gave me his contact information. After that, he almost ran away. So cute, I thought. I got dressed and went to the baby’s room. It was similar to mine. She was sleeping soundly and looked the same, except some rashes here and there. Near her was my roommate watching her. She stood up quickly and hugged me and started talking really fast. She apologised countless times, said she should have come. Somehow I managed to understand that she called the boss who understood if we would take monday off. She then apologized again, saying it was all her fault. I shook her a bit and asked why she was saying that. Apparently, at the peak of her paranoia last night, she couldn’t sleep and went to make tea. As she was about to turn on the oven, she heard scratches on the door. She took the heavy vase and opened the door but there was no one so she inspected the floor and saw no one, when she came back the gas had spread. She accidentally dropped the vase and tried to run to her room but the air was heavy and she could barely walk. She hurted herself on sharp vase pieces and then collapsed as she saw the blood. When she woke up she was under oxygen in an ambulance. I clearly understood what had happened and made her promise for everyone’s sake to get help. I then talked to her about our rescuer and told her I invited him out as thanks, she smiled and definitely agreed as soon as Veronica would be out, which would this afternoon or tomorrow morning at the latest. I asked if anyone had taken care of the apartment. She said the landlord took care of everything and would charge her the expenses. She also explained they suggested we come back tomorrow when they’d be sure that the apartment would have been toxic air free. She told me, she got a hotel room in a 3 star hotel nearby but she wouldn’t leave her baby alone so I was more than welcome to use it. She forced me to take the hotel key, took off my hands the prescription paper and informed me she would take care of the bills since it was all her fault. She went to buy the medication and handed me the little bag and forced me to leave. I laughed, hugged her and went back to the apartment, took some clothes and headed to the hotel. I took a shower, emailed my boss and texted Arnaldo about brunch this sunday. I, then, fell asleep.


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