A name with no meaning yet

If I were to tell you that you’ve grown on me,  would it make sense to you?
Would it make sense to you if I told you that your name makes me cry, laugh, smile, given the circumstances?
I don’t even know what’s so special about you, after all what I only do know is your name.
I only heard it in a dream though. At first, it was that dream but then I kind of been recognizing it easily in the others, like I had a detector for it. Weird to think that, ever since that I’ve been aware of that name,I can distinctly hear it in every dream I have.
I was so obsessed with it, I thought I should try calling it one of my dreams. So I wouldn’t forget, I started writing it on pages. I just hoped it would be burnt in my mind. Accidentally I whispered it. I felt a small breeze, strong enough to slowly blow my hair. I was surprised but I suddenly got sleepy. I felt like snuggling so I took my huge fluffy body pillow and went to bed. As I was drifting more and more in my sleep, I felt like a warm embrace and smiled. I don’t really recall what happened in my dream but I do remember a hot breath followed by a tender voice saying yes to my ear, like it was answering to someone’s call.
In the morning, I found my tiger body pillow on the ground. I guess I must have tossed and turned. I guess trying desperately to call a name in your sleep gets you a bit nervous. I wonder why I can’t get passed this though, it’s like it has meaning.
Meheliel, what exactly do you mean… To me??

Memories of my naive love


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