I’m fine, really

Could it be I’m being watched? I have the feeling that there’s someone intensely gazing at me right now. It makes me uncomfortable, my neck feels hot and my body is itching. My ribs feel weird. It’s like I’m missing out on something. Lol, social life maybe. I haven’t gone out with anyone the last six months, because I want to finish up my thesis. It’s not normal though to put on a barrier between me and the others. I live alone so I mostly rely on takeouts and the occasional housemaid service since I’m really way to busy to get everything in order and too much of a clean person to simply sleep in that mess. It’s almost like a hoarder’s house, there are piles of research papers, books, empty takeout boxes, and my trash can has disappeared below the trash. I’ve been working non stop maybe it’s my body telling me I need a break for now. I’m halfway through the last chapter though. But there are the annex pages, the comments section, 20 pages more or less. I have to add the sources too, proofread and embellish the thing. Oh God, it’s more like days of staring at that computer again. I want it to be over. After this I’m officially taking a spa vacation.
Again, my waist feels hot, where is that coming from? Am I coming up with a fever? My body is itching again. What the??  But when I turn around, there’s only the wall, it’s impossible for someone to stare at me through the wall. Then, before I ended up on the crazy sci-fi section of my brain I’m going out. I’ll be eating in a decent restaurant, catch up a movie or something and I’ll get some zs when I come back. I’m fine, really. Why did I say that out loud? It’s not like someone can hear me. But I felt the urge to comfort. Maybe myself or can it be I feel guilty for bailing so much on my friends and being MIA to my family. I’ll get this straight tomorrow. Now time to go out.
I feel like its the least I could do. Keep my promise of taking good care of myself. Wait? Who did I promise this to? Is my memory acting up already??? Definitely going out!

Memories of my naive love


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