Broken Oedipus Syndrome

They say that girls are closer to their father and boys are closer to their mother. They say that the daughters will search for their father in their partners. They say that broken daughters will do anything to get their father’s attention, willing to do the most hideous things. Somehow it’s not really visible for boys but it has somehow been proven that they do care in their own way too.
But what do you call a daughter who has given up a long time ago? What do you name a daughter who truly doesn’t give a rat’s ass about her father? It’s not attention seeking or brat behavior. It just doesn’t matter to her his thoughts, his existence, his actions. If she’s asked, she’ll tell that obviously someone put her on this earth but she won’t call him a father. It’s not because he abused her or mistreated her or misunderstood her but because he deliberately missed the train to grow with her in the first place.
It’s not like he wasn’t there when she wasn’t growing up, it’s more like he took his authority and fatherhood for granted.
If this looks like a plead for pity and sympathy for a missing father, then I badly explained. I’m a proud daughter. I have a family that cares about me. I love them very much. I just don’t consider him as such and never gave him a second thought. And whether he shouts, threatens, cries or dies won’t change anything to that. The only link between us rely in our genes. This is the only thing I acknowledge him for, the only thing I’ll ever be grateful to him about.


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