Karma – Part 4

Tomorrow, in the early morning, I took the first train back home. I’ve got appointments with the bank, seemed like they found renters and they’d like to decide together on someone soon. Also I had an appointment at the hospital for check up and to settle the past debts and my current treatment. Life seemed to be all about money right now. First thing first, go to the bank, get the first deposit of the insurance, then settle the renters thing and finally, head to the hospital. Right after I’ll have to check on the house, clean it if it needs to so the people could move in quickly. While at the hospital, I should go to the pharmacy too. After that, I’ll have the evening off so I can leisure a bit and take the last train to the city. Sounded like a plan. As you can see, I’m a really organized person.
By 3h, I was already done with everything and went home. The house was empty and surprisingly spacious. We had settled on a kind of boarding house with the bank, so it  would pay more. It’s a four bedroom house so it was pretty wise. I thought of some sort of Inn too but the boarding house was a safer option. I looked around, searching for stuffs I might have missed then headed to town. There was that amateur popular play that I wanted to see and could really use a relaxing time at a café or a pub. It went as expected : play first, meeting with a couple friends at a café who dragged me to dinner at a local restaurant and a last round at the pub. It was really nice, they didn’t treated me like a desperate case so I was really grateful and had a good good time. I asked one of them to give me a ride to the cemetery and surprisingly they all came with me, they watched me from afar talk to dad, scatter mom’s remains, put down the urn in front of the tombstone. I couldn’t help crying and they consoled me and they offered me a modest bouquet of flowers. I put it on the grave and smiled. They gave me a ride to the train station, it was about ten. They made me promise to hang out soon and I went off.
This week was in all unexpectedly great. It makes me kind of fear what proportional bad news is waiting for me next.
I slept during the trip. By the time I came up to my senses, it was over midnight and the train had just arrived. I took a taxi. The driver helped me get my heavy bag to the top stairs at the entrance, I tipped him well. I was tapping the code number when I saw a familiar face looking at me from the building in front. I couldn’t really identify it in the glass door so I turned around but by the time I turned my head, the front door was closing and no sign of that person. I shrugged and went inside without giving it a second thought. I silently entered the apartment, to find my roommate looking seriously at the window. She looked a bit scared too. I greeted her and she looked at me concerned, asking if I came in smoothly. I gave her a positive answer, she was breathing weirdly like she had a weight on her chest. What’s going on? I asked. He’s back, she simply replied and went to her room. I went after her, she was watching her daughter sleeping soundly. She was shaking. Are you okay? I asked.
Didn’t you see him?  Outside, just now?  I thought it was my imagination, I was getting paranoid but as I was waiting for you, I saw him looking at you. He’s probably spying on us. Its been a while now.
– Who? What are you talking about?
– My daughter’s father. He’s back and he seems to be crashing in the building in font.
– What the heck!?  I thought he was deported!?
– I thought he went back too but there’s no doubt about it anymore. Right now, the man I just saw was definitely him.
– What should we do?  Definitely call the police!  I’m doing it. Are you a hundred percent sure?
– Totally!
So I called the cops. The officers came by a bit later, which gave her some time to make tea and calmed down. I explained the previous situation and our current worries. Afterwards, they went to the suspected building and had a chat with the landlord about the tenants. It seemed that there were no new renters so it could probably be a visitor. They told us to be careful and to call if we ever saw him again. That’s about all they could do.
She was still a bit nervous so I suggested we talked to the landlord to get him to put pictures of him so the tenants could look out for us. She agreed and relaxed a little. We, then, chatted a bit about my trip. I gave her a little souvenir : a bag of local herbs tea and went to my room.
I was still a bit worried. That familiar face I’ve been seeing lately, it must have been him. Did he come back for his daughter or for revenge, either way I should be cautious. I did hit him and he did seem to threaten and curse me in his language. Let’s just hope everything will still remain calm and safe. I can definitely understand her behavior of these past few days now. She must have been really worried. Hopefully he won’t come after us, he might change his mind or he’ll get caught by the police or one of the tenants first.
Ah I couldn’t bring myself down, I was just too happy, worried sure but still happy. Maybe that was the other side of the coin, I was dreading of. I stepped out of the shower and hopped on bed, too tired to get dressed. The sheets were so comfy. I felt so cozy. Before I even knew it, I was sleeping soundly.
(light noise) I groaned sleepily, trying to not open my eyes. (loud noise) I opened my eyes, there was definitely something going on. Maybe, she was still watching out the window, nervous. I got up and dressed up quickly. The air was suddenly heavy, I was breathing incorrectly. I, opened the door and rushed outside. I found my roommate on the ground. I was confused, I kept thinking what was going on but couldn’t really bring myself to move further. Before I knew it, I got down on my knees, trying so hard to breathe. My head was getting dizzy and my vision was blurry. I tried hard to get up but I couldn’t move, I looked up and saw the door wide open. As I was fainting, I saw a man feature at the doorstep. I remembered feeling scared, thinking if it was the end, if it was really him, if he came to kill us. And with that last thought, I blacked out.


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