My first evening out

I feel romantic
I feel like I’m surrounded by love
Wait I am!
From couples on the streets, themed dinners, sweet snacks and gooey desserts,  to slow music and a cool evening walking in the flowery paths, I felt embraced.
I was riding solo though but my heart was filled.
The salty air mixing with the strong fragrance of the flowers and the sweet odor of snacks got me dizzy. The atmosphere was cozy and even though I was alone, I didn’t feel lonely.
Smiling while walking, I didn’t feel like leaving. I wasn’t waiting for someone but I  decided anyway to sit and wait, refusing to get away from that ambiance.
I hazardously heard a joke between a customer and a stall vender. I couldn’t help but laugh and they kind of invited me by talking louder. I laughed so hard I cried, the customer smiled then turned away, snacks in hand.
I looked up and saw, between two branches, a piece of sky full of stars.
It was really a lovely evening.

Memories of my naive love


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