Plain ordinary

Simple, ain’t cute ain’t ugly either, goes unnoticed often, nice, forgettable face, doesn’t stand out…
I’ve listened and listened to that long list describing the new crush. Although it felt more like she was asking if she could have a crush on him.
He’s so plain and ordinary… If I get my eyes off him, I’d lose him instantly…
But my eyes just keep seeking him…
It’s true that nowadays being ordinary feels like a shame. Being too simple is equivalent to boring, you must have that little thing that will twist everything around. From food, to furniture, to hairstyles, to clothes and people, we all want to have something to show off, that stands out. Most conflicts between parents friends comes from competing their children’s education : “mine speak 2 languages… Mine can play 2 instruments… Mine is from Africa… Mine got admitted overseas…”
Old simple and natural just doesn’t fit in anymore anywhere. But what’s wrong with being ordinary or doing ordinary stuff??
What’s wrong if my clothes ain’t fashionable or if I wanted to attend community college?? What’s wrong if my dream is to live quietly and peacefully in the middle of nowhere? What’s wrong if I can and enjoy eating healthy plain food ?
What’s wrong with wanting to work as handyman? What’s wrong with choosing the obvious if it makes me happy?
Too many wrongs nowadays…
The accumulation of those won’t somehow make it right.


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