Living the Barbie store life

I read every single letter, every little detail, every punctuation.
I agree to the terms and conditions.
I will be leaving my head and heart.
I will accept your owning of my person.
There is only something I wish though,
Please don’t let me leave my sisters
(Take one or two with you),
Please take Ken with you too.
I also can’t live without the pink convertible
And life would be so much easier with the house…
I really hate amateur sewed clothes
And please pick the right color of shoes,
The Plastic Collection has them all.
My hair is not for testing and attempting weird hairstyles.
After all I have my pride,
If you can’t agree with that,
Take that “Brat” or “American something” with you.
But I know you’ll want me,
After all class is spelled with Barbie.


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