Keeping track

We all have know a Gossip Girl / Boy, don’t we?
We all have someone we know that we can go to if we want to know what’s going on with the others, someone that we’d rather die then let him/her knows what’s going on with our lives.
That special someone who specializes in getting information and redistributing information as it pleases her/him.

But those people have friends right?  Close friends, even best friends.
Dealing dirt and spreading rumors kind of became part of their character, we, I, can’t seem to dissociate it from who they are.
They feed on secrets, hunger for hidden truths and their tongues twist words on a perfect logical unquestionable sentence.
Of course, not everyone is the same, some are at a low level while others are so into it, it scares you to death when they come to you.
Gossip Girl / Boy is solely interested in all that’s going around, making him / her aware, attentive and observant. Sneaky, discreet and sometimes invisible, he / she goes unnoticed so easily.
They are great for research or public official matters careers.
It’s so easy for them to make or break you, they’re the human flesh social media.
They kind of encourage a Rosewood ambiance everywhere they are : got a secret, better keep it, well this one you’ll save, better lock it in your pocket, taking this one to the grave….
Can you stop them from figuring out what you don’t want others to know?
Do you have to have a cache, way where they eyes can’t reach?
Can we ever go back to transparency and being clear?? 


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