Elderly love

Where I grew up, there is a big emphasis on the younth.
“Today’s little ones are tomorrow’s grownups. ”
Really really true.
But today’s grownups are tomorrow’s pops and grannies.
There’s no doubt about it.
Grey, silver and white hair are just around the corner. Health issues and gradual deterioration of every part of our body and lifestyle is a serious risk with great chance of happening.
I might be too young to start thinking about that.
But those with wrinkles and achiness, senile and moody, pleasing and gentle, all smiles and living life at -1 speed already exist.
Being old is not a punishment or a curse, so why do we tend to forget about them and mistreat them. Our lazy, pleasing and modern lifestyle is due to them, nonetheless we rarely repay them and act as ungrateful spoiled brats. As if we wouldn’t ever get old.
As if we would never get to experience memory loss.
As if we would never get to be so confused that we wouldn’t remember our surroundings.
As if we would never get to cover our lightning hair color.
I got to spend a wonderful day with an old person today.
She had great insight and give me useful advice on life and I was so happy I got to spend time with her. She was also happy to be treated as a normal functional person. Not as a retarded or a burden.
I sympathize. Sure she has health issues. Sure her brain is acting up sometimes. But it doesn’t mean that she has to be locked up somewhere depending on people’s kindness and availability to spend a good time.
It’s sad to think that when I’ll be her age, I’ll get to experience the same thing.
I’ll be locked up somewhere, or in some room, waiting for people to visit me so I can have a good time. No one to challenge my intelligence or emotions. All alone almost begging for attention.
This is sad, how can we treat our elders with so little consideration.
My folks are pretty active and don’t need help anytime soon but if the time comes when they won’t be able to be useful to themselves, there’s no way I’ll treat them as retards with no chance whatsoever to progress.
Can I keep that promise?
I sure want to.


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