I’m color blind,
I’m lost,
My purpose is gone and my motivations got washed away.

I’m too hyper,
I’m always excited,
You might think I’m high on something
I just like smiling at life.

Why would this ever happened to me?
Am I cursed or something?
Nothing good never comes out in the end.
I’m desperate, why isn’t my life turning around?

If I ever get my hands on…!
What are you watching!?
Don’t you have a life of your own!?
Geez, people are so unbearable these day.
What should I crash…

Sweet sweet life,
Thanks for bringing light and brightness
Everyday, everywhere, on everyone.
I feel so blessed.
Could anything ever go wrong?
“Joy to the world… ”

😒What have I been writing?
God, who cares. 😜


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