Taboo subject : Rape

She came on to me and asked me for my support.
She said he had taken advantage of her.
That man who was after her for weeks, she finally gave him a chance yesterday and they went out.
We hit the club, they left together at about 1am, both pretty tipsy.
I watched them walk away. She told me it would be fine. She had the situation under control.
At 4, I was sleeping soundly. I was so disconnected, I only heard my ringtone the 5th time it rang.
“He took advantage of me” she said.
“He… Raped me. “
She wasn’t even crying or yelling. I didn’t budge. I didn’t even open my eyes. I groaned lightly, ended the call and went back to sleep.
At 9, my mom barged into my room, yelling my defenseless friend was outside. She needed my help. She forced me to get ready. And pushed me to the living room where she was, sitting on the couch, with that sad dignified look.
I took one good look at her, she bowed her head down. I sat on the chair in front of her.
I didn’t know it would end like this.”
“I swear, he didn’t seem like that type of guy.”
Her eyes were red, logical guess would be from crying.
Dumb bitch.
What are you doing here?
Shouldn’t you be at the police station, reporting the crime? “
“I was, I already did… But they need someone to testify or it would only be my word against his. “
“Of course, my daughter will. We can’t let this go unpunished. “
I look at my outraged mom then at my now sobbing friend. I stood up. Took a glass of water and came back.
I don’t know what you expected from me. I saw him before I came back home. In fact, he walked me home. “
She lifted her head and looked at me with her wide teary eyes.
What did he want? “
“The same thing as you. “
“What do you mean!?”, said my, now, furious mom.
I took a sip of my water and gently told my mom to stay out of this. She sighed heavily and backed off. She took her purse and went out.
“You are in a huge mess. You’re not as dumb as you want people to think. You already know I won’t testify for you. “
“I’m your friend… “
“And because of that, I won’t testify against you either. Drop the charges. This won’t end well for you. “
“He raped me! “
“No,  he didn’t. We both know that. “
“You’d believe him over me? “
“Because I know you, that’s why I believed him. “

He came up to me. He was confused. He asked if he could walked me home. I was surprised he was here in the first place and also that the liquor had wear off already. He told me you teased him. You tried to get him to drink more but he wouldn’t. You, then, got your top off and started rubbing your breasts against his chest. That’s some thirsty attitude you have there. “
I took another sip of water. She wasn’t looking at me anymore. Her eyes were locked on the white wall beside us.
Shall I continue?
He told me you seduced him. Whispering in his ear, getting your leg slowly up and down his, touching his crotch, kissing him all over. You really act like a nymphomaniac. You should definitely get tested. “
“I did all those things but I didn’t deserved what happened next. “
“Are you in denial? Or are you desperately trying to cover your tracks so his brother, no, your boyfriend doesn’t know? “
“I…  I asked him to stop! “
“What man in his right mind would stop after you got his pants off, deliberately gave him a hard one and seductively suggested him all along to fuck you?
Something is definitely wrong with you. “
“No means no, he should have stopped! “
“When should he have stopped? 
When you pushed him down and took his boxers off?
When you put yourself on top of him and started grinding on him?
Or when he finally took matters on hand and thrust… “
“Stop it!  I didn’t want to!  I told him no!”
“Exactly when he agreed to your invitation, you got a sudden change of mind and expected him to stop? “
“Yes!  It doesn’t matter when I asked, he should have listened to me. “
“Why are you crying??  You knew he was really interested in you. He fought his brother because of you. You leaded him on all night. Did you mistaken him for his brother? “
“I won’t support you. It would be easy to tell everyone that he raped you.
And apparently you’d win easily this way.
But you should accept your responsibilities and make amends to the people you hurted. Him. Your boyfriend. And also me. “
We sat there silently for a moment.
So you thought it would have been easy to manipulate me? This is truly vexing.
It would have probably work if he hadn’t come to me first.
Why can’t you believe me? ”
It really saddened me for the boy. His biggest dream coming true. And when he finally get to thrust you. You started yelling no. It’s a biological thing to enjoy sex even if you’re getting raped but maybe you overdid it by shouting his name when you climaxed.
He said that? “
“If you had realized your mistake then,  when it was over. You should have apologized and begged him to keep it a secret. Not started to cried and yelling rape so everyone in his house could hear you. “
“What else could I have done? “
“Girl I don’t even care about your story anymore. I really like you but this is way too crazy. You have serious issues. And I’m not sure I can help you with that. “
“My boyfriend believed me. Its all that mattered. “
“The reason you’re here is because you know that he’ll ask for my advice. He’s a long time friend. “
You think he’ll trust you more than me?”
“Then why are you here?  You woke up his whole house. Got his mom to kick him out. His father won’t even talk to him anymore. He have no place to go. No family and if you continue this charade, probably no friends and no workplace. He’s losing everything. While you get to keep your status.
I know the evidence I might provide won’t be enough to clear his name. But it will be enough to put doubts on your deposition. People are not that gullible. They’ll dig the truth. And they’ll probably charge you for defamation. “
“You weren’t there. Why would anyone believe you? “
“Because as the nymphomaniac cheating bitch you are, half town knows that you only moan names when you’re really into it. You’re not a faker in that category. “
“Ha. That’s so subjective. And could easily have changed. “
“Well then, you have nothing to fear. “
“Please, help me. “
“Girl, help yourself first. And never ever involve my mother into your mess again.
You know he was about to propose to you. He overlooked your past and was willing to give you a cleaned future. “
“I can still achieve that. “
“Not with what you’ve done. I’m not sure how you can fix this for you. This will end really ugly. It’s a small town. People will talk of this forever. I think it would be best for you to move out. You’re bound to go back anyway because of college. Just don’t come back. “
We go to the same college and they don’t live far from us. That’s how we all got together in the first place. “
“I know. You’re such a brilliant woman. But you’re too fucked up. I always admired how you could get out of all your cheating mistakes before but now… It’s just too much. And rape is just a too serious matter for you to exploit as an excuse. “
“I… “
“Out of words?  Of options too by the way. Now get out. And go rectify your wrongs. I have some sleep to catch up. “
She looked at me and knew I wasn’t joking. She took her bag and did as I said.

Small town. Freaky people.


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