There’s this new Asian restaurant uptown…

– Hey! There’s this new kind of asian restaurant uptown that I want to try.

– Everything that’s “up” scares my money away from my wallet and losing children always make me cry.

– Oh God you’re so grouchy, every cent is not supposed to stay in your pocket, loosen up a little. I hope spicy asian food rise your mood enough to be enjoyable.

He had that sexy little smirk on his face while slightly facing away when he said that. It made me wonder : what does this man have in mind? 
This thought instantly made me smile. I should say what does Evan have in mind.
Evan Del Patro isn’t like any man. In fact, he’s a more common man than you think, just that, like all the men desired by the late thirty desperate women, he’s hard to find. How strange, I was the lucky nearly forty fiancé, I had found my ideal future husband.
This thought almost made me laugh. The thing is that Evan is gay or experimenting gay as he says, I qualify him as bisexual, even though I haven’t seen him having any sort of intimate relation with a woman since, let’s say, about two years. Also, the truth is that he has been with only a few guys, let’s say 2 or 3, anyway less than a full hand.
It always had me wonder, how could he be single?  As a heartthrob, he always attracted a lot of females :  girls, women, cougars, conquered a few elders, babies and even some animals so it’s pretty much obvious how much he is desired into this field. And his catchphrase ” You’ve always been a part of my life since I met you“, only kept them coming and loyal to him, as a fan club of groupies. But since now he wants to experience a total homosexual adventure, he’s on the other side of the fence. He’s quite popular on this field too, the first day it was soso assumed that he was transitioning to the gay side, he had a few passionate calls of discreet admirers.
With all his charm, charisma and twisted thinking, it probably didn’t surprise anyone that Evan was studying diplomacy. The juridical faculty, he chose to further his education in, had a lot of lordly and overbearing jerks. Somehow he managed to be accepted and fitted in even more than any senior student. They really appreciate and respect him there. Thinking of it, he has always been at ease everywhere and probably anywhere too, like a fish in water. Which pretty much alerted me when I noticed how uncomfortable he seemed to be some time ago. But before I even had the chance to bring it up, he told me right away his feeling of discomfort.

“Laters baby”, (that’s him mocking my worn out interests for fifty shades of grey) he said as he was heading to class that day. He, then, turned around, and added “as a fish on earth”.
Before I could even put my confusion into words, he entered his classroom. The funny thing is that I saw him leaving this same room by the other door, walk on campus but it was no mistake of his. I understood that he wanted me to know as I would have, sooner or later, caught wind of his class being cancelled that day.
I couldn’t focus on class, I was distracted by his behavior, curious of what he meant. It was a math class so I thought it wouldn’t bother my teacher since I was definitely elaborating probabilities.
He didn’t call me that day or the day after and I didn’t dare to do so either. One day as I was about to leave my house, he came to me and said “I need to grow lungs”. He laughed at my weird confused face and explained : “as a fish on earth, I need to grow lungs, like the first terrestrial fish did”. He continued :
– I feel cramped in my own skin, like a crustacean who needs to change his shell…
He sat on a nearby big rock, I squeezed myself beside him.
– I’ve been feeling some new emotions toward guys, I think I might becoming gay, I got okay with that. But then, some lingering hot woman kissed me and I would be damned if I said I didn’t enjoy it. But still I can’t help myself to be attracted to men.

“What’s the matter in being bi?”. My first spoken words in this troubling conversation.
– I don’t know, I don’t want to be able to pick here and there, I just want to be stable somewhere and know that there’s nothing other than that which makes me happy.

“But isn’t your well-being the only mattering thing”, I asked. “Isn’t your job to concile things so you can obtain the best for every party?  It should perfectly be in your cords “, I added.
He got up and left and I came to understand that he needed to be straight in his interests, it’s the only way he’d feel great.
He, then, decided to have a total homosexual experience to learn more about his emotions in this area and be able to tell if men were his only source interest.

I suddenly got upset as I realized how far my thoughts went from my previous interest : what Evan wasn’t telling about our lunch.
So there we are, sitting at a table in this new, seemed expensive (too expensive if you ask me) restaurant. We had those delicious meals, a light and “foodish” conversation. It was pretty fun. On the way back, we had some drinks at this new trendy bar in a hotel and, believe me or not, also sex in that same hotel. You couldn’t be more shocked than I was when I realized, in the middle of the night, what happened, as I woke up to use the bathroom. I couldn’t sleep anymore, I spent two hours sitting on the bed, looking at him, thinking and thinking and thinking.

“Would you stop moving and go to sleep”, he said with his eyes still shut, “bed is for relaxation! …and some mutual action “, he added with a sneaky smile and one opened eye.
This comment broke my defenses and pushed me into asking all I wanted to know and couldn’t quite understand. Truth is I was pretty drunk and he used me to confirm if he was a ladies’ man. I didn’t get mad, I remembered how smoothly everything went, how nice and enjoyable it was, but mostly how comfortable I was with him. I wanted it as much as he did, maybe since the first time I met him and my long time desire just turned out to be a decisive moment for him. We talked a lot about it that night and years later as we reminisced things, I realized he never mentioned that I was the one who started everything with a drunk passionate kiss.
Well this moment got us closer but we still remained friends. Why push things into situations that don’t need to be created? There are no frustrations, fantasies or bitterness, just two best friends getting further into life.


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