Why the lyrics?

I feel like I’m overblogging today, I’m not used to write that much posts in one day.
One of my friends asked me why I do post lyrics that often and she added that it feels like subscribing to MetroLyrics. 😂😂
I laugh at first but it was followed by a serious answer.

Music is really important to me when emotions overwhelm me or when I don’t feel at all, when everything is going south or when I reach paradise, whether it just popped in my head or it’s been playing over and over on the radio, whether it was associated to a specific time in my life or it serenades a lot of my memories, music is always in the background. I always turn to music.

That’s exactly what I answered.

The fact that there is a lot of genres makes it easier to find one that fits the ambiance and the mood. I’m not the type that has a playlist for my every mood but I do know what to play next when one emotion is taking over.
And sometimes, there’s just that one song that is stuck in your head, that you keep on repeat all day, that you’re basically just obsessed with. The song seems to be describing some part of you or your journey.

Well every quotes that I have post -and will continue to- come from these moments. Those lyrics just say it all.
It overpowers anything else going on my mind.


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