Struggling with chemicals

I have to confess that all that will follow came from my apparently fertile imagination.

Stephane hadn’t reached out to me for a while now.
As hard as I was trying to keep my cool. I was getting worried. Heck, when he doesn’t talk to me on a daily basis I get stressed over him, so you might understand how uneasy I feel right now. I want to contact him but my stupid pride, yo! Why did I had to say all those things to him!?  If it wasn’t for that, I could show up at his house right now.
Oh yeah! Excellent idea! I’ll go spy on him, see if he’s at home, how he’s doing…  It doesn’t get better than that!

Maybe you could show up, admit that you care too much to leave him alone, take his crappy apology and continue how things were.

No! Spying is way way more better, I’ll keep my pride, Stephane will notice that I’m not joking and he’ll take my threats seriously.

And he’ll stop gambling his life away? Yeah right!
OK then, sigh, have it your way. But I know you’ll crumble eventually.

Spying from the road is too far but I can’t enter the property either. How am I going to do this now??  Ah! I know, I’ll knock and he’ll have to come out for sure. This is so brilliant!! It has no downsides!

Sigh, what a dumb plan. Why don’t you just call him already?  Pretend it was a mistake or whatever.

Ignore. Ignore…
I’ve been knocking a while now. I know he’s there. It’s his consumption hours, he always does it in his happy place at home.
Why isn’t he coming over then? What if…!?  No, no, he knows that he has to behave, he wouldn’t…!!
Answer! Answer!
Oh damn now I really have to call.
Come on, pick up! Pick up the freaking phone!
Oh Gosh, what the hell, I’m going in!

Oh my!  Didn’t I told you sooo?

Where is he?  The living room is empty, the kitchen is clean, the bathroom is sparkling from my last hard cleaning. Hadn’t he used these rooms since I cleaned and left??

Oh God, this is bad. Even I, am sweating.
We lost too much time acting like idiots outside.

His room, quick! Woah, it’s empty. It’s like no one ever been there in days. Oh my God, where are you??


Why isn’t he answering??
Maybe he’s not at home. Did he move or prefer to do it elsewhere now?

Oh crap, that kid will be the death of me! Why does he not listen to me? 

Think! Think! Think!
Oh there’s that space they used as a storage. Let me check there.

Less talking, why are you even fast walking!? Just run damn it!

I should have guessed. It’s locked. I need something. Quick.

The rock. Just throw it.

No good, metallic door.

Um… There’s like tiny spaces they left on the wall, to let the room breathe at all time. Just try to look if he’s inside.

Yeah, logic, he might not even be… There’s definitely someone in here. I see a leg lying on the floor.

THE HAMMER. It’s like the one they use in the constructing sites.

Tear that wall down!!

I can pass through that. Oh my God, it really is him.

Oh no, he did it again. No… He did worse.

Stephane, I have to get you to a hospital.

Of course, I came, I could never abandon you. You’re like a br… You’re my little brother!
No, I didn’t leave you. Please don’t talk to much. Baby bro is on his way, he’ll take us to the hospital.
I know, I love you too. Just hang in there. Oh my God, his eyes are whitening.

Baby bro please hurry. He already got a heart infection, if he doesn’t get treated quickly, he’ll… He won’t survive.
Please don’t let these tears be permanent.

Hey! Hey! Don’t close your eyes, your sponsor is almost here. It will only get better from now.
I won’t ever leave you alone. I’ll take you to a specialist, so he can deal with your dark thoughts. I’ll hire a lawyer so I can legally take care of you. I’ll help you get away from all this. We’ll get you clean.

Oh God, he’s only seventeen. He can’t die of this. I’ll never let him touch those stuff again. I promise.

I promise. Please give him back. I’m self-conscious of my mistake. My conscience has been annoying me since I stopped talking to him. But please, don’t let him die.

If only I had convinced you earlier.
He wouldn’t be laying here, because of an overdose again.


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