Love Phenomenon

Crossing my mind lately is that whole soul mate thing. Around me, people are either getting married, in a committed relationship, or searching for someone serious. Between fairytale weddings, model couples, and sheer joy spreading in the air because of mutual love, it’s easy to feel like something’s missing if you’re single and, all around, people are starting to reconsider their decision of being alone or not attached. This might even stir up bitterness in you if you’ve been searching and waiting for that special someone for a while now.


And what can I say to defend myself for falling into that love trap? probably nothing convincing. Worst part is people have been dying a lot lately, whether it’s from natural or forced death; and it only made you more inclined to find love before its too late, I mean what if your one and only love happened to die before you even met him/her?
Now now, I might sound a bit dumb and influenced here but hear me out. Without adding Valentine’s Day coming up soon, the idea of being sincerely, undoubtedly and completely loved as the best feeling in the world is spreading and infecting my environment way more quickly then any virus. The new fragrance à la mode is romance, how can’t I seriously not awe when I see my friend’s husband struggling to make dinner and getting us to keep her busy so he can surprise her for an unplanned date night?? What cold-hearted person wouldn’t seriously not feel touched by that woman offering flowers to her husband to apologize for fighting dirty the other night with him? I mean it was so unexpected and sweet the man blushed! How can you not melt before two people sharing a kiss oozing love, understanding and literally saying I can’t live without you? Thing got so serious, even couple holding hands or gazing at each other get you all teary. This fever is literally too much to handle.


Which got me into some serious thinking. With all this cheesy atmosphere, I’ve even dreamt of my Prince Charming. When I woke up, I knew it was too late, seems like I need someone around. As a rational person, I had a lot of algorithms going on which ended in my perception a bit calculated of love. But as a woman who had been raised the traditional way, I cannot help to want a lovely husband and perfect family, happiness comes from having created your own little atom of society. So the blend of those two sides of me gives a normal expectation of finding someone who’d love me and I’d love back. Naturally, I didn’t wait for true love to start dating or getting into relationships, but I kinda never expected them to last and always had my eyes out, waiting for that one get-the-fuck-out-of-my-life mistake. So when I caught myself dreaming of some man controlling my every thoughts and feelings, I ended up asking myself if there is really that one of kind person waiting for me out there to be happy. That man who could only grow and literally blossom by my affection. That man who will love me unconditionally, the man I would rip my heart out for.


Hmm, serious questioning here. Do I really have a soul mate??
I, personally, believe that there is someone fitted for me out there. My perfect match. A man that would bring the best out of me, that would help me beat my weaknesses and my fears, my stronghold and lighthouse. And of course, the one with whom I’d have the best mini versions of myself. But in the meantime if we spoiled our chances or never got to hit it off, well I won’t make old bones waiting faithfully. I don’t ultimately need a man to be happy but I sure could reach heaven with the right one. Which leads to that conclusion, the right man ain’t Prince Charming with his splendid hairstyle and gorgeous smile riding that magnificent white horse. My man is Prince Charming’s aspiration. And he doesn’t fit any stereotypes, he only matches me and I only match him.

He might die or disappear from my life but it’s a not an irreplaceable lot. If there’s something humans are perfectly able to do is love over and over again.

But, to sound a lot  cheesier than before, I’m more of a one true love of a lifetime kinda girl.
Which probably answers the question itself. I do believe I have a soul mate.
Now, where are you hiding??

But in the meantime,


4 thoughts on “Love Phenomenon

  1. geebangboop says:

    “happiness comes from having created your own little atom of society”… very interesting and thought-provoking line.
    Also, in the beginning, “what if your one and only love happened to die before you even met him/her”…wow. I really enjoyed reading this.

    Liked by 1 person

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