Never say never

1. I would never lie to you ❌
2. I would never hurt you ❌
3. I swear to God, I would never ever make out with your boyfriend / girlfriend ❌ (you might want to check with a priest).
4. I would never cheat on you ❌ (confused, aren’t ya? )
5. I would never let you down ❌ (you apparently didn’t see me down there).
6. I’ll never forget you ❌ (oops, who are you again?)
7. I would never take you for granted ❌
8. I would never betray you ❌ (back looks like a strainer because of all that backstabbing)
9. I would never let anyone come between us
10. I would never steal anything from you ❌ (Imma stop you right here, please give me my job back before you end that sentence)
11. I would never, and I repeat never, talk trash behind your back ❌ (Doctor, it seems like I cannot help but to sneeze)
12. I’ll never stop loving you ❌ (oh I get it, you had a heart transplant)
13. I would never do that ❌ (aren’t your fingers crossed? )
14. I take God as my witness, I would never leave you ❌
15. I would never die in an horror movie ❌(this is the part when I  get murdered because I  was so distracted laughing at you getting killed first)


French has it right


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