… I think it’s best if we just part ways now…

*pop* (phone vibrates, message incoming)

Boy : “Hey girl, how you doing?”

Girl : “Fine boo. You? ”

*pop* *short vibration*

Boy : “OK, I guess… ”
*pop* *short vibration*
Boy : “Remember when you said if things
            changed I should tell you about it?
            Well they did… ”

(wait a little)

Girl : “How?”

*pop* *short vibration*

Boy : “Well… Um… My feelings changed.
           I’ve been drifting apart lately. I
           put it on school, work… Made a lot
           of excuses to justify why I’ve been
           avoiding you, but truth is the only
           one to blame is me. It doesn’t
           matter what I was doing, I should
           have always made time for you…
           But I… I kept pushing that time
          further. Dreading the moment.”

(read it twice) (hesitate) (finally text back)

Girl : “So what exactly are you saying? ”

(it takes a moment) (heart pounding)
*pop* *short vibration*

Boy : “I don’t feel the same about us 
          I think I need some time alone…
         A break or something. ”

(text quickly) (so quickly, misspelling)

Girl : “Why ared you acting like a coward
           haldway rhrough it!? ”
Girl : “Do you want to break up!? ”
Girl : “Is that what you texted me for??”

(takes a while) *pop* *short vibration*

Boy : “sigh. I don’t know what I want.
           I just know I can’t keep going
           like everything is OK. I can’t keep
           lying to you… To us. ”

(start texting)
*pop* *short vibration* (stop writing)

Boy : “And it’s only a break. I’m not
           asking for anything radical.”

(erase written text)  (stare at phone)
*pop* *short vibration*

Boy : “Hey, you there? ”

(keep staring at phone)
*pop* *short vibration*

Boy : “Are you angry? ”

(read texts all over again)
*pop* *short vibration*

Boy : “Please don’t stop texting me.
            If something’s wrong, if you’re
            mad at me,  just tell me. But
            please, don’t stop writing me! ”
*pop* *short vibration*
Boy : “I care about you.”

(can’t believe it)
(phone starts ringing)
(sent it to voicemail)
*pop* *short vibration*

Boy : “Why aren’t you answering?”
           I know it’s a lot to ask, but don’t
           keep me away from you right now.”

Girl : “Why you’d care about that!? ”
Girl : “You just asked me for space! ”

*pop* *short vibration*

Boy : “sigh. I know what I said. But I also
          don’t want to lose you. Remember,
          before we got together, we were
          best friends. And I still consider
          you my best friend… I don’t want
          to lose you, to lose what we have. ”
*pop* *short vibration*
Boy : “Remember when we got together.
           We promised to each other that we
           would be honest one to another,
           that we wouldn’t keep secrets,
           that we’d tell the other the truth,
           even if it hurts…
           I just wanted to honor that. ”

(read it again and again)
*pop* *short vibration*

Boy : “Bae… ”

(get angry)

Girl : “You know what the worst part is?
            I knew it. I sensed that you were
           drifting away. But I still bought
           your crap.
           I knew you couldn’t be that busy,
           I had like tons of people asking me
           why you were alone at that party,
           why I wasn’t here and there.”
Girl : “But I still kept my mouth shut.
            For us.
            Because I wanted to make it work.”
Girl : “I tried so hard, mostly after that
           cheating thing. You kept texting me
           over and over again, begging me
           to forgive you… And I did! ”
Girl : “I tried so hard. Even when you 
            started being cold at me. I felt
            you were being distant, I never
           really believed those petty excuses.
          But I still can’t believe you did this
          to me!”

*pop* *short vibration*

Boy : “I’m sorry. Really. About everything.
           I know I haven’t been exactly the
           best boyfriend. But believe me,
           I tried my hardest too!”

Girl : “How can you even dare to 
            compare!? ”

*pop* *short vibration*

Boy : “I know, I’m not entitled to defend
           myself. I’ve done you wrong
           multiple times. I’ve hurt you, even
           though I swore I’d never do.
           But girl, I tried to get back to you.
           I tried to keep living like we were
           still the same, like nothing changed.
           But I can’t keep fooling myself. It
           wasn’t right.”
*pop* *short vibration*
Boy : “Still now I’m trying, struggling to
           keep you…  Even though I know it’s
           hard for you.
           I’m being selfish, I know…
           But I don’t want to lose you.
           You REALLY are my best friend.
          And as such I care a lot about you.”

(read text) (calming down)

Girl : “You are my best friend too.
          And I also care about you.”
Girl : “I love you still…
           And I won’t stop just like that…
          Just because… You don’t, anymore.”

*pop* *short vibration*

Boy : “Hey! I love you!
           Not the same as before, strangely.
          It’s a bit complicated, but I still do.”


Girl : ” I think it’s best if we just part
             ways now…
            There’s no need to deny it, it’s not
             the same anymore.
             Let’s just move forward. ”

*pop* *short vibration*

Boy : “You sure? 
            I can still come around.
            I just need to sort things out.”

Girl : “You can still do that. But it’s over.”
Girl : “We can’t recover from that point. ”

*pop* *short vibration*

Boy : “We can still talk? ”

Girl : “Yeah, we can. ”
Girl : “Not right now though.
           I need some space.”

*pop* *short vibration*

Boy : “Yeah I understand. ”

(get angry at self, at him)
(stare at phone)
*pop* *short vibration*

Boy : “I hope we can get past this.
           I love you. ”

(start crying)


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