Power of mind

You already know that and probably heard that a lot too. But whatever you set your mind on can come true. So logically if I don’t believe something exists, it doesn’t exist and if I concentrate all my thoughts on something, it should bear fruit.

I’ve been thinking on ways to apply this.
Socially, if someone is bothering you enough to affect you on a daily matter, trying to ignore that person and his actions should free your mind. Naive? Maybe but why not?
Spiritually, if you believe hard enough in good and have real positive thoughts, it should sooner or later reward you in a positive way, sometimes way more than you expected. Bullshit? Maybe but positivism can only benefits us, right?
Health level : both psychologically and physically. It might be hard since the main actor is the bothering or even sick part. Thinking hard enough that the sickness doesn’t exists or believing that your positive thoughts can cure or annihilate it when you’re living all the destructive consequences ain’t a path anyone can stay on.
  Psychological way intends that you are the one able to get yourself out of what you’re mentally suffering of : depression, anorexia, schizophrenia, sadness etc. But genuine positiveness or total denial can be ways that somehow encourages those illnesses. I mean, for example, keeping smiling when you’re sad doesn’t make you any less sad or refusing to take your antidepressants because you ignore your depression doesn’t get you out of bed when it hits you hard. So how could this possibly work? Well, an interesting question. I believe that acknowledging flaws is power. This power resides in the fact that you know you have weak points and as such you can decide whether you want or not to overcome them in any way. Positiveness is a long way road in which you might even encounter despair but as long as you hang on, as long as you keep your eyes on that bright light at the end of the tunnel, well, it can only get better at the end, when you actually reach it. You’ll be stronger in many ways you didn’t expect, you’ll be experienced, prepared and battle might not seem as desperate as before… But hey! That’s my humble opinion…
Physical way would be that your body and/or it’s components would be struck by illnesses or hurt. The more serious the case gets, the more difficult a positive outcome seems. By all means, we all want to stay healthy, to live a long life. Denying we are sick won’t get us anywhere and believing that we can purge the illness out of us might even be a more desperate road. But how come people with no medical hope whatsoever miraculously get cured by positive thoughts, prayers or elimination of bad vibes and energies??? Another interesting question… It seems that most answers resides in the fact that we only know 4% of our brain’s abilities or that God might be merciful, which firstly implies that God exists.

This theme actually brought out of me more that I expected. Truth be told, it’s dangerous to deny existing things, it can only get us to forget what that thing might be able to do and it’s also too risky to only rely on positive attitude. Well what we choose to do is up to us, isn’t it?  And a bit of hope while doing our best to keep our head out of water won’t kill us either.
Does it actually makes sense? Anyway, that’s what was crossing my mind.


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