First thing going on my mind for some time now is writing. I’d like to put it on paper. Not that I never did, but I’ve lost most of those notebooks and papers by now.
   Essentially writing keeps my mind clean and organized, it’s my way of keeping a sane mental and spirit. Does it makes sense? It’s mostly therapy, it doesn’t bother me if it doesn’t hit off the internet or if it gets popular, that would only be a side effect. By those weird days, we all have a way to keep our sanity, for some it’s sport, for others music, art, studies and so on. Point is we all somehow keep our mind healthy and undisturbed. Path might be more difficult for some than others, it might even seem impossible for some of us but in the end, we all try to clear our head.
   Writing has helped me a lot over the years and when I occasionally get my hand on some old journal, it shows me how much I’ve grown. It reminds of who I was, what I always wanted, what I thought I’d be. It forces me to reconsider things, to make stock of what happened, to get back on the road I’ve set up years ago… It keeps me on track. Writing also clears my emotions, it gets me out of the over thinking zone, gets me in a better mood or at least a neutral mood.
   Could it sounds like a diary??  I sure hope not looll. I’ll be putting down here everything that strikes my mind, that hits me hard, that affects me… let’s see where that goes.


4 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Fictionatrix says:

    First of all welcome to WordPress. I hope you enjoy your stay.

    Secondly, I agree with you. Writing is therapeutic. And dont worry of what it sounds like. Just write whatever you feel like. You have a gift, just keep writing.

    All the best! 😀


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